Ridebliss Launches: Nigeria’s Trusted Social Ride Sharing Platform 2

We are excited to announce the launch of Ridebliss.com, Nigeria’s trusted social ride sharing website that enables us commute faster and better.

Ridebliss was created to help us beat traffic congestion across Nigeria cities by making it easy for us to find and share rides with friends, colleagues and neighbours we trust.

A major cause of traffic congestion in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria is the single occupancy rate of vehicles on our roads – about 70% of all cars have just one occupant. Many we agree that traffic congestion is a pain and a thief of precious time. Nobody enjoys being caught in a traffic jam.

Ride sharing makes sense

With ride sharing friends and colleagues that have similar daily commute patterns can travel together in the same car, rather than each one driving their respective cars. For example, instead of four friends all driving their respective cars from Magodo in Lagos mainland to Victoria Island, they could instead ride together in one person’s car, while the other three cars are off the road.

This encourages high vehicle occupancy and reduces the number of vehicles on our roads, hence resulting in lesser traffic congestion and faster journey times. Kinda makes sense!

Ridebliss team understands the environmental, economic and social negative impacts caused by traffic congestion. That’s why we created Ridebliss to facilitate social ride sharing across Nigeria and help minimize traffic congestion and its associated pains.

Ridebliss service makes ride sharing easy and safe for friends, colleagues and neighbours. Through ride sharing we can collaboratively beat traffic congestion across Nigerian cities without losing sleep.

Given Nigeria’s peculiar environment, we have built Ridebliss platform with trust and safety in mind throughout the design process.

Ridebliss is a smarter and sustainable way to travel.

Why Use Ridebliss?

Here is a our value propositions:

  • Faster journeys

Since ride sharing encourages high vehicle occupancy, it leads to fewer cars on the road and therefore faster journeys for all road users, especially during rush hours.

  • Convenience

From your mobile phone, tablet, or PC you can log on to Ridebliss.com to find, share and arrange ride sharing journeys with friends, colleagues and neighbours. You can also communicate with other members from within the portal.

  • Safe to use

A couple of security measures are in place. New users are verified before membership is approved. Ridebliss service provides a secured internal messaging service for safety and ease of communication amongst members.

  • An amazing community

More than just ride sharing, Ridebliss is a beautiful community. Our members are verified and responsible people. We believe that through collaborative ride sharing, we can reduce traffic congestion.

  • Environmentally friendly

With fewer cars on the road, the carbon emission is reduced. Ride sharing promotes a cleaner environment.

  • Affordable

Ridebliss service is FREE to use. However, members may request a token contribution for their travel cost from other members who are being offered a ride.

That is it for now. We will be posting more announcements, updates, and features to our service. Please feel free to try Ridebliss.com. You will love it :-)

Thanks for your time.

Written by Chuks ‘Eze

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