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A few years back car sharing or car pooling was frowned upon, but this choice of travel is burgeoning, not just because of the need to protect our environments and ease the bottlenecks of traffic we see in metropolises around the globe, but it’s now becoming the preferred choice of travel.

Uber car hire, now growing in popularity over black cabs and mini-cabs in cities like London have even recognized and tapped into the car sharing market by launching UberPOOL. It follows other businesses including the Nigerian based Ridebliss.

It seems this concept of travel and its premise is now showing up in western popular culture. It could be argued that Lenny Kravitz’s song ‘Are you gonna go my way’ released in 1993 was championing the notion of sharing and collectivism even before its time. Nuances of unity and agreement for a better cause come from lyrics ‘we must engage and rearrange, and turn this planet back to one’, may seem like a utopia but Kravitz poses the question, are you with me?

If you’re not with me on the above then let’s consider television, this year, the BBC sitcom TV series ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’ won BAFTA and National Television awards in various comedy categories.
Co written with the comedian Kay, the programme is based on a supermarket manager, John Redman (Peter Kay’s character) and promotions rep Kayleigh Kitson (played by Sian Gibson) who use a company car share scheme to drive to and from work. It showcases their car journey, conversations they have all in the backdrop of a fictional radio station they listen to.
Due to the programme’s first series success; Kay and his co-writers have announced they would pen another series which the BBC will commission.

Away from the UK, American audiences have embraced the ‘Karaoke Carpool’ segment of James Cordon’s ‘Late Late Show’. The entertainment talk show has a filmed slot in the show where Cordon takes the driver’s seat sharing a car journey with music artists including Justin Beiber, One Direction, SIA, Jennifer Hudson and Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin among others whom, with Cordon sing along to their own music and music of other artists whilst they travel and talk candidly to the host. Segments from the show hosted on YouTube have gone viral. A carpool karaoke segment with British artist Adele achieved 42 million views in just 5 days, making it the most viral video originating from a late night programme to date.

The foundation of these TV programmes do add entertainment value and present to viewing audiences just what comes what comes from sharing a journey with others; camaraderie. However car sharing also brings with it a reduction in travel stress and savings to your own pocket.

The growth in collective consumption is not just a response to our need to protect our environment by owning less and reducing petrol emissions by taking cars off our roads. Car sharing or using your car to assist others with a journey is increasingly empowering the layman, it presents optimisation for enterprise. The opportunity to earn money from an asset such as a car or empty rental space is just as tangible as making a living or added stream of income from a sought after skill or talent – it’s another commodity, relevant in the world we live in today.

Consider this – if you’re not saving money, reducing your own petrol costs by avoiding ride sharing, well that’s just laughable.  Sign up with Ridebliss.

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Written by Bola Odeyemi

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